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Enrolment Software

Axon Identity Management

The all-new Axon Identity Management Platform provides Mobilised and Retail Customer Biometric Registration solutions that deliver mobility, compliance, speed and simplicity. Spend less time worrying about compliance and more time getting new customers.

A comprehensive suite of software, designed for emerging markets that provides you with all the necessary components to enrol millions of customers across a vast geography. By combining biometrics, and ai powered machine vision we aim to provide “Home Affairs” type quality on affordable Android Devices and Windows Retail Outlets.

The platform is well suited for multiple industries including Telecoms, Banking, Insurance, Voter Registration and other.

Additional Specialized Modules are available for specific industries to augment the capability of the system with industry-specific requirements

Robust and Scalability

Customers have deployed our system for registering bases from 250K to 60M. The Platform is robust, dependable and has proven scale to deal with high peak loads.


Full support for Facial, Iris and Fingerprint biometrics. The biometrics module includes support for pre-quality capture analysis. The module natively supports 1:1 matching and 1: N matching through ABIS technology.

Automated ID Cards

Just tap to enrol with NFC ID Cards or make use of our ID Extraction OCR technology to easily and accurately enrol your customer.

Machine Vision

We are continually expanding our AI Power machine Vision capability to optimise registration, improve pre-quality checks and minimise fraud. Our machine vision includes abilities like barcode scanning, ID Card Data Extraction, Face Matching, Photocopy Detection, ID Document Validation, Constant Background, Blurred Images and liveness.


A combination of biometrics, pre-analytics and post-analytics empowers our customers to detect various types of fraud

Offline & Low Latency Networks

The Axon Identity Platform is designed for emerging markets where data coverage is not always available. By combining offline capability, optimised packet handling and synchronisation algorithm, we can operate efficiently even without coverage.

Telecoms SIM Module

The Telecoms SIM Registration Module augments the Axon Identity Solution by adding functionality specifically for Mobile and Fixed Line Network Operators.

Telecom Features

Dynamic Number Allocation(DNA)

The DNA Module enables Just In Time(JIT) practise to be applied to your number inventory. DNA allows for efficient number inventory allocation and provisioning. The DNA module allows MSISDNs(Phone Numbers) to be bound to the respective SIM Card(IMSI) at the point of registration.

SIM Swap and Change of Owner

You can enable secure biometric SIM Swap and Change of Ownership through both mobile and browser channels.

Fraud and Analytics

Fraud remains a massive leakage of revenue for Mobile Operators. Such fraud can include pre activations, ghost activations, SIM diallers. The Fraud Module combines usage patterns, machine vision, biometrics and deep integration into the Network Operator Systems to identify and reduce these types of fraud.

Pack Scanning

You can quickly scan in your customer’s SIM packs using our camera-based barcode scanner.

SIM Activation

The system is designed to optimise the activation of SIM Cards while maintaining the highest levels of compliance. Highly Optimised queuing system manage interaction with the third party billing systems. We enable transparency for our customers by graphically providing a full audit trail of all integrations to third-party systems.


You can dispense airtime through your mobile application.

Financial Module

The Financial Registration Module augments the Axon Identity Solution by adding functionality specifically for Financial Services.

Mobile Money Features

Mobile Money

Mobile Money Account activation can be combined with SIM registration to provide a simple SIM and Mobile Money account opening process.


By combining ID Extraction, Biometrics, Face Matching and Liveness you can add a strict pre-quality check into your KYC Process.


The system is designed to integrate with third-party banking systems. Allowing you to provision bank accounts and enable full KYC compliance.

Additional Features

Dynamic Form Builder

Dynamically change your forms and their validations. No Application Upgrades, No Programming, Only Configuration.


Our customers keep a close eye on all aspects of the performance of their system through a detailed reporting interface. The reporting interface includes both graphical and geographical data. You can add customised reports.

White Label

The system can be white labelled to suit your corporate colours and branding

Browser Management GUI

A Management GUI allows you to manage all aspects of the system including agent and site provisioning, customer enrolment, approval and management

Security & Auditability

A highly secure application incorporating encryption, multi-factor authentication together with permission, roles and audit logs to monitor and control usage.

Mobile Android Application

The Mobile Android Application powers the mobility of your workforce; enabling you to enrol your customers anywhere, any place. By combining machine vision, offline capability and dynamic forms you ensure you can easily comply with regulation and keep your customers happy