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Axon delivers a suite of products to empower our customers for wide-scale, mobilised Retail Customer Biometric Registration solutions. Either you can roll out the entire suite of ruggedised biometric devices powered with enrolment software and device management to delier a winning solution for your business. Or pick the specific components your business needs to augment your other solutions

Axon Biometric Devices

Ruggedised Mobile Biometric devices built for hard work in harsh conditions. The comet range brings the convenience of mobilitycombined with biometrics and id card reading technology. We provide a variety of devices perfect for mobilising and empowering your workforce for biometric applications.

Customer Enrolment Software (KYC)

The all-new Axon Identity Management Platform provides Mobilised and Retail Customer Biometric Registration solutions that deliver mobility, compliance, speed and simplicity. Spend less time worrying about compliance and more time getting new customers.

Axon Mobile Device
Management (MDM)

The Axon Mobile Device Management (MDM) suite is a comprehensivecloud-based environment. MDM gives our customers the ability to securely and remotely manage their applications on their devices from a single graphical user interface.