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January 31, 2019

In the last article, we discussed the challenges presented in operating a digital customer enrolment and identity solution in areas with low or no data coverage. In this article, we will be discussing the management of agents operating this solution.

Agents are your front face to the customer.  Do you know who they are? Great agents get out there and grow your business while bad agents get out there and defraud you and upset your customers. The first step in combatting internal fraud is to put in place a robust Know Your Agent (KYA) process together with a registry of the devices and sim cards they are using.

In the AXON Identity System, together with our customers, we provide the tools to provision your agents.  You upload all your agent’s details to the system including their name, surname and address. However, this is just the start of the Know Your Agent Process.

The next step is that the agent must self-enroll through the application. Through this process, we capture the agent’s facial biometrics, fingerprint biometrics, device serial and sim card information.  You can further verify the identity of the agent by combing electronic id scanning technology together with face matching technology.

At this stage, you have a strong biometric identity for your agents. You can biometrically block agents. For example, if an agent has been previously banned and attempted to re-register as an agent. His/Her facial and finger biometrics can be compared against the list of existing users, denying access to prohibited people.

An important aspect is to ensure that agents can not share the usernames and passwords. Our experience in emerging markets is that some agents will attempt to boost their commissions by giving out their username and passwords to other people unknown to the carrier.

Multi-Factor authentication is an excellent way to both secure your system and to ensure that only the agents you registered are the ones using the application. In our case, all agents are digitally bound to the SIM Card, and the Device provisioned on the system.  You can not log into the application unless you are using the SIM card and Device you are provisioned with.

Additional authentication factors can lock this down further. Facial Biometrics, Fingerprint Biometrics and Key Stroke Biometrics are all other factors that can also ensure the security and integrity of your system

In this article, we discussed the importance of Knowing Your Agent. Establishing a biometric identification of all the users or your system is the first step to providing integrity. Strong biometric and Device Binding prevents your agents from sharing their login credentials and offers secure access to the system.